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You are one of many people who are seeking ways to ‘self-care’ and want to create your life by design.

There is no longer any doubt that your mind, body and spirit influence each other for better or worse.  It is to your benefit to learn how to take advantage of this relationship and make it work for you.

The Arts for Healing is pleased to offer you holistic health counseling and a wide range of educational programs for your journey to  personal development and greater well-being. 
“My goal is to be your healing

partner; to help you become

aware of, and to clear away, the

physical, mental, and spiritual

blocks and to find the place

where growth can begin again

and flourish."
Are you looking to achieve a greater quality of life?

Are you seeking ways to reduce your stress?

Do you seek to find an “inner balance” and calm?

With the help of easy-to-use natural holistic healing methods you can change your stressful thinking and destructive habits into patterns and beliefs that serve you on your journey to wellness.  You can shift the balance in favor of wellness instead of illness.

Regardless of how your choose to improve your health or sense of well-being, you no longer have to just wish for the freedom from your stress and tension with no hope of healing. You can learn skills to make that happen.

I will be your mirror, and guide as you to take control of your well-being and reclaim your power to self-heal.  And with that, you can experience greater levels of mind, body and spirit health on all levels.

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